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Smith&Fong Bamboo MultiSport® was designed for sports floor use. With 7 independently rated undercarriages that meet BS-EN 14904 standards, Bamboo MultiSport covers the range with floors appropriate for court sport floors to aerobics, dance, exercise and stage. Bamboo MultiSport offers the color, grain, strength and stability of a traditional courts surface adding the ease of installation that comes with consistent long length boards and precision milling. In response to a greener future, Smith&Fong Bamboo MultiSport® is FSC and FloorScore certified and contains Zero Formaldehyde.

UKGBC L.E.E.D, contributions include:
MRc7: Certified Wood (Bamboo)
MRc7: Certified Wood (Battens)
MRc6: Rapidly Renewable (Bamboo)
IEQc4.1,4.2: Low Emitting Materials: (installer supplied paints and coatings)
IEQc4.3: Low Emitting Materials: Manufacturer's Flooring Systems (ZF:zero formaldehyde)
MRc4: Recycled Content: (crumb rubber content of Cradles, Sprung Battens pads
and Sprung Mat padding
I.D.: Innovation in Design

All Smith&Fong Bamboo MultiSport® flooring is FSCpure, FloorScore® certified and contains Zero Formaldehyde.

Smith & Fong Co. Presents Bamboo MultiSport Sport Flooring